What It's All About

This reading series is organized and hosted by Stan Mir and Ryan Eckes, two poets who live and work in Philadelphia. Founded in 2006 by writer and translator Steve Dolph, who wanted an informal venue for local writers and small presses to share their work with each other, the Chapterhouse series quickly became a base for Philly writers to meet, listen, talk. Though the series has grown in popularity--we now attract (and invite) visitors from out of town--it does remain rooted in the the value of a local writing community. At every reading there are regulars and semi-regulars and a few strangers, and all are welcome. The local poets who read in the series tend to be regular audience members.

While we want to provide writers a venue to share their work - and promote their books - we receive many more solicitations to read than there are spaces available to read in the series. We will try our best to accommodate writers who are on book tours (especially small-press-published), but we do believe that the reading itself is important, that it's not simply a formality to push the book. Reading solicitations are welcome, but, as you might with a journal, check out the work of some of the people who have read here, and please include links to any recordings or sound files of previous readings. (It may take us several weeks to respond to a reading solicitation.) And, of course, if you live in Philadelphia, come to some readings! There's no specific aesthetic to the series. However, since the organizers are both poets, there's definitely a lean towards poetry, poetry that's in dialogue with the writing that's being performed in the series all the time.