Sept 27: Some Young Poets

This Saturday, September 27th at 8pm
We've got cat ladies, paratroopers, flounder, and other fantastic delicacies!
Which means POETRY!

Featuring these mysterious young folks:

Drew Kalbach
lives in
Philadelphia. His work has appeared
(or will appear) in Elimae, Thieves Jargon, Robot Melon and
elsewhere. His chapbook The Zen of Chainsaws and Enormous Clippers
is available from dogzplot.com's achilles chapbook series.
He blogs at this-blog-is-a-piece-of-art.blogspot.com.

Quyen Nghiem was an Allied paratrooper in a past life. He
wakes up every morning with a parachute and a broken leg.

Jaclyn (or Jackee with two e's) Sadicario is a poet originally from
LAWNGUYLAND, NEW YAWK. She is a double major in
Psychology and English at
Temple University. A short story
of hers was recently published in Hyphen,
Temple's Literary
Magazine. She finds comfort in oceanic metaphors and can
only aspire to be the greatest cat lady to come. Visit her
blog, when I say what I mean.

Ryan Ruth is a writer living in

Bryce Bayer
lives in
Philadelphia and attends Temple
. You can visit her writings at brycebayer.blogspot.com.

Alina Ladyzhensky is currently floundering around as an
English major at
Temple University. She aspires to continue
her floundering at a graduate school, and eventually tricking
enough people into thinking she's a poet. She enjoys
bottom-shelf whiskey, working to restore her Russian accent,
and giant jigsaw puzzles (especially of kittens).

Lauren Faralli is a writer living in

Followed by an open mic!