Oct 25: McCreary, Willenborg, Askenase

Chris McCreary is the author of two books of poems, The Effacements and Dismembers. Poems from a new manuscript, "Undone," can be found online at Eratio, Turntable and Blue Light, and Scantily Clad Press. Along with Jenn McCreary, he is co-editor of ixnay press.

Chad Willenborg teaches at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he is mentor to the creative writing club, which hopes to launch a literary journal, Lorem Ipsum, this winter. Nominated for Best American Short Stories and twice runner-up in CityPaper’s annual writing contest,
Chad’s work can be found in Fugue, The Believer, and McSweeney’s. This year his fiction was featured in First City Review and Philadelphia Stories. He is currently working on a novel and a collection of "cover versions" of James Joyce’s Dubliners.

Alicia Askenase is the author of the chapbooks Cover, Suspect, Shirley Shirley, and The Luxury of Pathos. Her work has appeared in lit journals and anthologies that include 5_trope, sonaweb, texture, Chain, and 100 Days. She is at work on The Cadillac Poems and a longer manuscript, Perverse Incentives, which she also plans to perform as stand-up tragi-comedy. She was a founding co-editor of the journal 6ix and writes, designs and horticults in Motown, NJ and Philadelphia, PA..