Dec 13: Miller, Jaramillo, Holmquest

Cathleen Miller is a poet and artist who lives and works in Philadelphia. Her poems play with the ways that subjective experience is shaped by culture, nature, expectation and memory. She is interested in the intersections and overlaps between past and present, subject and object, history and narrative. She gains inspiration from her work as an archivist, her time spent in the garden watching seeds sprout into food, and an ongoing conversation with the world. Some of her work can be read in EOAGH and Fanzine.

Laura Jaramillo is a writer from Queens and for Queens, but has tremendous nostalgias for other places too. She is the author of B (unpublished) and The Reactionary Poems (Olywa Press).

Brandon Holmquest: Look, I can't keep writing these bio things in the third person like they were written by somebody else. My publicist or something. It's more than a little disingenuous. So, I write poems and stories and essays and make translations, as the mood takes me, and edit a journal called Calque with my friend Steve. Some of my poems are up online at www.essay-poems.blogspot.com.