Jan 31: Jones, Regan, Skaja

Quincy Scott Jones earned a Bachelor's degree from Brown University, a Master's degree from Temple University, and $100 once working as supermarket clown. He is an Adjunct Professor at Arcadia University where this semester he is teaching writing, performance poetry, and something called "Politics & Poetics (or What Hip-Hop Was Suppose to Be)". March 28th he will be (co)hosting this year's Light of Unity Festival, an afternoon of artistic expression celebrating cultural, political, and aesthetic diversity.

Emily Skaja is obsessed with shades of plum and surrealism. She dislikes artichokes.

Duncan Regan is from St. Augustine, Florida. He can wear several pairs of pants at once, and there are poets who can attest to this. He spent time in Boone, North Carolina, where he got a degree from Appalachian State University. Now he lives in Philadelphia with a banana plant, but if he puts it in a bigger pot . . .