Feb 28: Klassnik, Hess, Conrad

Rauan Klassnik's first book, Holy Land, was published in 2008 by Black Ocean. His poems have appeared (or are forthcoming) in The Mississippi Review, The North American Review, Sleepingfish, MiPoesias, No Tell Motel, Sentence, Forklift, and elsewhere. He blogs regularly (if not intelligently) at rauanklassnik.blogspot.com.

Mickey Hess is the author of Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory, Is Hip Hop Dead? and Icons of Hip Hop. He is an English professor at Rider University.

CAConrad is the son of white trash asphyxiation whose childhood included selling cut flowers along the highway for his mother and helping her shoplift. He escaped to Philadelphia where he lives and writes with the PhillySound poets. He is the author of Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press, 2006), (Soma)tic Midge (FAUX Press, 2008), The Book of Frank (Chax Press, 2008), advanced ELVIS course (Soft Skull Press, 2009), and a collaboration with poet Frank Sherlock titled THE CITY REAL & IMAGINED: Philadelphia Poems (Factory School Press, 2009).