April 17: Audia, Berrigan, Weiser

Justin Audia lives in Philadelphia, where he co-curates the Moles Not Molar series and works in adult education from 9 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. His writing has appeared somewhat recently in places like sidebrow and Pocket Myths. He still hopes to publish his first book before turning 12.

Anselm Berrigan's most recent book of poems is Free Cell, published by City Lights last fall. Other books include Zero Star Hotel and Some Notes on My Programming. Recent unpublished poems include Primitive State and Notes from Irrelevance, the titles of which indicate work moving further away from the saleable light. He is the poetry editor for The Brooklyn Rail, and a member of the subpress publishing collective, through which he published Selected Poems of Steve Carey last year.

Karen Weiser lives in New York City where she is studying for her doctorate in English. Her chapbooks include Placefullness and Eight Positive Trees, she has published in 6X6, Lungfull! Magazine and Cypress Magazine, and her new book, To Light Out, was just released by Ugly Duckling Press.