May 29: Costanzo, Thoumsin, Fletcher

Wade Fletcher’s recent publications include Conditions Which (Pied-a-terre, 2010) and poems in Barrelhouse, Versal, and The Portable Boog Reader. A chapbook, Snitch Culture, was published with dusie press in 2008. He teaches poetry and writing at George Washington and George Mason Universities, co-curates the monthly Cheryl’s Gone Reading Series in Washington, DC and lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

Chelsea Thoumsin arrived in Philadelphia nearly two years ago to attend the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ Post Baccalaureate program. There she found that entwining poetry and drawing floats her boat. In less than a couple years, she has managed to live and navigate in South, West, and Central Philly. One day she plans to create a complex Venn diagram about these places. Until then, she lives in Center City with her goldfish Archimedes. Her favorite things include creating and cleaning up aesthetic messes. Some of her work can be seen on her website.

Francesca Costanzo
began shooting photographs at age 4 and writing poetry at age 5. Her favorite poet was Maynard G. Krebs. As an adult, she has studied graphic design + advertising @ The Philadelphia College of ART [now UARTs] and is an award-winning copywriter and designer. She is a member of Suppose An Eyes Poetry Group and was the Winner of the First Annual 2010 Bukowskiest Poet Award. She has an upcoming book and performance piece: 8mm Backwards and a recently published e-chapbook: Dia: Six Sense (Avantacular Press, Limited Edition).