Oct 23: Cory, Glaser, Neuman

Rachel B. Glaser was born in New Jersey. Her stories have been published in New York Tyrant, American Short Fiction, Unsaid, and elsewhere. Her first story collection Pee On Water has recently been published by Publishing Genius Press. Colin Bassett says of Pee On Water, "the stories all seem simple and enjoyable but then somewhere inside of them there's something else happening that feels outrageous and sort of painfully new." Glaser lived in Philly, in the Italian Market area, from 2006-2007, before moving to Western Mass, where she's lived ever since.

Jim Cory was born in 1953 in Oklahoma, grew up in a NYC suburb and in the Midwest for a few years. His father sold carpet and made a science of non-communication. He had seven brothers and sisters, most of them difficult. He learned about modernist poetry and how to read it when a house painter came down off his ladder one afternoon and explicated a Wallace Stevens poem in the anthology he was reading, circa age 14. He studied European history at Penn State and began writing poetry in his late teens. Recently he stopped watching television. Some of his poems can be read in Elective Affinities.

Laura Neuman is a poet and performing artist originally from the San Francisco bay area. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2005, she has studied clown technique, taught preschool drama, learned and then forgotten how to tie the bow-line, and collaborated with several dance and dance-theatre companies, including the Workshop For Potential Movement. You can hear her read some poems at PennSound. She has an M.F.A. in Writing from Bard College, and is currently studying poetry at Temple University.