Feb 26: Carpenter, Corbett, DeGezelle

William Corbett is a poet and memoirist who lives in Boston's South End and teaches writing at MIT. He edited Just the Thing: Selected Letters of James Schuyler, directs the small press Pressed Wafer, and is on the advisory board of Manhattan's CUE Art Foundation. In 2008 Hanging Loose published his book of poems Opening Day. His most recent books include an essay on the painter Albert York and The Whalen Poem.

Brian Carpenter has been living in Philadelphia since 2005, after moving from his native habitat of Seattle and spending two years in the Poetics program at the University of Maine. He has self-published two books of poems (Aspect Cycle, Bluest Keys) and one box (Small Seasons). An earlier prose poem, The Green Island Problem, is available through Vancouver's Kootenay School of Writing collective. He currently works as an audio archivist of Native American language recordings.

Melissa DeGezelle lives in South Philly with her three-year old daughter Hazel. Some newish poems can be found at Sawbuck and Literary Mama.