Nov 19: Davisson, Marinovich, Sadicario

Filip Marinovich is coeditor with Stephen Boyer of the OCCUPY WALL STREET POETRY ANTHOLOGY and a librarian at THE PEOPLE'S LIBRARY AT OCCUPY WALL STREET and a performer at LIBERTY SQUARE POETRY ASSEMBLY. Filip is author of ZERO READERSHIP and AND IF YOU DON'T GO CRAZY I'LL MEET YOU HERE TOMORROW, both from Ugly Duckling Presse. Filip's new book WOLFMAN LIBRARIAN is currently looking for a publisher. Excerpt from it appears in EOAGH 7.

Ian Davisson is a poet who currently explores the aesthetics and linguistic properties of the panic attack. To do this, he has to have a lot of panic attacks, which is convenient, because he happens to have a lot of panic attacks. He also examines the masculine subject position in lyric poetry, which sounds impressive until you factor in all the crying. Older work can be found in journals in print and on the internet, while newer work is still churning around in his head. Hopefully you enjoy the churn.

Jaclyn (Jackee) Sadicario is a poet who is from New York, living in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Temple University, where she was the creative editor of Hyphen, the undergraduate literary and art magazine. She now works at the University of Pennsylvania doing psychotherapy research in community mental health settings. She has been most recently published in Apiary (online and print). (She can be seen on 13th street every morning running for the el. Occasionally, she smells slightly of gin.)