Dec 10: Davis, DeBoer, Teare

Brian Teare is the author of The Room Where I Was Born, Sight Map, the Lambda-award winning Pleasure, and Companion Grasses, forthcoming from Omnidawn in 2013. An Assistant Professor at Temple University, he lives in Philadelphia, where he makes books by hand for his micropress, Albion Books.

JenMarie Davis is half of Fact-Simile Editions and builds books and poems from recycled and reclaimed material. She is the author of Sometime Soon Ago (Shadow Mountain, 2009) and her work has appeared in the Handmade/Homemade exhibit, Glitterpony, Court Green, Little Red Leaves, Interim, Gargoyle and other print and online journals.

Nicholas DeBoer was born at 1024pm. 29.1 F/5.8mph East Wind/Clear Sky/Chicago, IL. Michael Reece hospital, designed by Walter Gropius. He likes to think about it. He attended schools, they were nice schools and some of his friends were met there. He has some intense obsessions since he found Edgar Poe & Al Crowley on the back of the Beatles seventh album when he was 11. He believes in the 23 Engima. Especially on his b-day 10/23/1981. Some of his poetry can be read in Fact-Simile, Bombay Gin, Eccolinguistics, Apparent Mag and other magazines.