Feb 22: Jaramillo, Cushing, Nghiem

Laura Jaramillo is a poet from Queens. She is the author of The Reactionary Poems(olywa press, 2008), Civilian Nest (Love Among the Ruins, 2010) and MATERIAL GIRL (Subpress, 2012). She writes on transnational cinema and immigration at Duke University, where she is pursuing her PhD.

Iris Cushing was born in Tarzana, California. A former resident of Arizona, she has been a writer-in-residence at Grand Canyon National Park. She is the author of Wyoming (Furniture Press Books, 2013), and lives in New York, where she teaches writing and edits Argos Books.

Quyen H. Nghiem writes poems about work, childhood, boredom, love, wonders, getting fat, things that happen, life. Fat jars of thick words. Sometimes he writes poems that I suspect are not about anything, not caring to be understood. Do men make chairs or liquor in order to be understood? When Quyen writes, “one-million-year-old-light / hits my eyes / drink it in / then forget it all!” his playful abrugeneity of verbiage is fleeting, but not urgent – like a naked boy peeing from a tree branch. That boy is Quyen. He has published small chapbooks of songs bound with string, one of which I own and will never give away. ~ Sean C. Taras