Oct 25: Baus, Svalina, Ruocco, Steinberg

Eric Baus is the author of The Tranquilized Tongue (City Lights), Scared Text (Colorado State U. Press), Tuned Droves (Octopus Books), and The To Sound (Wave Books). He teaches at Regis University and lives in Denver, CO.

Mathias Svalina is the author of four books, most recently Wastoid from Big Lucks Books. He is an editor for Octopus Books & teaches writing in Denver.

Joanna Ruocco is the author of several books, including Dan (Dorothy Projects), A Compendium of Domestic Incidents (Noemi Press), and Another Governess / The Least Blacksmith: A Diptych (FC2). With Brian Conn, Ruocco co-edits the fiction journal Birkensnake.

Nicole Steinberg is the author of Getting Lucky (Spooky Girlfriend Press, 2013) and two chapbooks available in 2014: Undressing from dancing girl press and Clever Little Gang, winner of the Furniture Press 4X4 Chapbook Award. Her other publications include Forgotten Borough: Writers Come to Terms with Queens (SUNY Press, 2011) and Birds of Tokyo (dancing girl press, 2011). She's the founder of the EARSHOT reading series, based in Brooklyn, NY, and she lives in Philadelphia.